Matthew is a London based freelance composer with over 10 years experience of working on productions and compositions. His passion lies in drawing out the emotional strength of music and aligning this with powerful imagery. 

His enthusiasm ensures an ongoing commitment to expanding his expertise and knowledge of the more technical aspects of the industry: recording, editing, mixing and mastering. 

Key skills include:


  • Composition of bespoke music for Film and TV (“Daydreams” and “The Bards Wife”)
  • MIDI sequencing and instrument design: expertise with leading sample instruments, including East West, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, U-HE and Spitfire Audio.
  • Sampling: proficient in scripting and developing instruments within the Kontakt environment to include round robins, polyphonic arpeggiation, legato transitions and custom user interfaces.
  • Spectrasonics patch creation: adept creation of custom patches and sound sets for Spectrasonics Omnisphere Power Synth.
  • Sound design: combining the use of internal plugins and external hardware to create those sounds you need to speed up your workflow.


  • DAW set up: expertise with both Logic Pro and Pro Tools software.
  • Template designs: demonstrating an astute understanding of signal flows to create DAW templates that are simple, logical and necessary for the job at hand.
  • Signal chain management: a professional comprehension for signal chain management and gain staging, ensuring that every signal ends up where it needs to be.
  • Microphone techniques: experienced knowledge for selecting the right microphone for the job and positioning it correctly to record the sound the way you want it to be heard.
  • Session management: an accomplished former studio assistant and owner/manager with a mature understanding of the way recording sessions should be run. A coherent talent for file management and batch processing, making sessions and files easier to find.


  • Mix and stem preparation: skilled in mix preparations and stem creations, making the next stage of the job easier for you.
  • Batch processing of audio in Logic, Pro Tools and iZotope RX; expediting the organisation and editing of large templates and sessions.
  • File organisation: producing logical and consistent folder structures to facilitate project and session management.
  • Experienced mixing techniques with a broad knowledge of internal plugins (iZotope, Waves, FabFilter, Soundtoys) and external hardware.


Fragments: An example of bespoke instrument design.